Gundry & Ducker Architecture Ltd.

ASK Italian Hertford

As part of a major refurbishment program Gundry & Ducker were asked to redesign ASK Italian in Hertford.

The design is intended to create a warm and relaxed dining environment for both the evening and daytime, whilst maintaining a sense of the simple interiors that typified ASK Italians early restaurants.

The floor is striped in contrasting grey tiles and in Oak, bespoke pendant lights hang low over a mix of white and timber tables, projecting a silhouette onto the ceiling at night that is echoed on the walls. The openness of the space is contrasted with a sense of enclosure created by high backed benches, with rich green interiors and a new bar and back bar display.

Throughout the scheme the oak flooring is manipulated to form the furniture, the boards are turned through 45° and up the face of key elements within the space. Interior reveals and lit elements are picked out in greens from a palette that runs throughout the restaurant. The tabletops are a mix of sharp white and laminated timber, whilst the chairs are finished in Oak and greens from the recurring palette.

Photographs by Hufton + Crow