Gundry & Ducker Architecture Ltd.

Cottrell House

A community co-working and events space located in a former filling station. The design is based on a series of long communal tables and hovering canopies, which form individual rooms and divide the space. The tables are intended to be functionally and symbolically a combination of a kitchen table and a market trestle. The kitchen table analogy is appropriate for its domestic connotations and also as this is where many small businesses start. The space is bookended and divided by three hovering canopies forming three individual rooms. Each room is flexible in its use but is decorated and customised to provide different character, identity and ambiance. Each one can suggest different events that might happen there. The first room is domestic in character, the second theatrical and the third tranquil. Each is placed against the glazing of the shop front to give an idea of the range of activities of the Coming Soon Club and to give glimpses the interior activities.